Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy provides a safe and intimate atmosphere for self-exploration and support during difficult times. If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression or struggling in relationships with others, one-on-one therapy is an excellent option. It can also be a great way to obtain support if your life is going generally well but you’re having trouble navigating a significant transition. We work with both adults and older adolescents in individual therapy, and we usually recommend at least weekly sessions, especially at the beginning.

The first few sessions are valuable in determining if the connection is a good fit for both the therapist and the client. A strong therapeutic relationship is essential to our work and, as such, the initial sessions will provide an opportunity for both of us to assess our ability to best work collaboratively. Occasionally, a new client presents issues that may be better served by another practitioner specializing in that specific area. If this is the case, we will provide a referral and assistance to seek out another provider.

Joint Psychotherapy

Partner relationships can provide us with feelings of security, joy, and deep fulfillment. Sometimes, though, there are unforeseen barriers both inside and outside of the relationship that complicate these connections. Trying to work around these barriers often gets us stuck in destructive patterns that leave us feeling hurt, isolated, or misunderstood. Therapy can help partners transcend these patterns by giving each individual insight into how these patterns are created and by providing a safe space in which to explore new strategies for realizing the benefits of a thriving relationship.

Adolescent Psychotherapy

We greatly value the opportunity to work with older adolescents. Our younger clients tend to find us relatable and non-judgmental. They often benefit from the opportunity to have their very own time and space to explore feelings and to problem-solve about the individual and relational struggles they face. Sometimes and when appropriate, we will encourage parents to take a more active role in this process in a way that fits well with the needs of our client.