Thank you for your interest in my psychotherapy practice.


Choosing to begin psychotherapy is a complex, courageous and often-times difficult decision. Maybe you are here because you’re considering taking the bold step of asking for help with feelings or circumstances that have become overwhelming in your life. Or perhaps you simply wish to gain more fulfillment from your pursuits and relationships.  

Struggles in our early lives, harmful relationships, and aspects of living in our modern society leave some of us feeling anxious, disconnected from our emotions, or stuck in dissatisfying relationships. The therapeutic process can facilitate a reawakening in our capacity to truly connect with ourselves and others.  I seek to know my clients deeply and without judgment, to welcome all parts of them, especially the scarier and less well-liked parts. This experience of being truly seen and accepted can lead to greater self-understanding and can enable clients to pursue experiences that lead them to feel more truly alive.  

I work with clients who are facing a range of issues. The most common include depression and anxiety; trauma history; peer and family relationship struggles in late adolescence; sexuality and sexual orientation issues; personal growth/identity/transitioning to adulthood; partner and family relationship issues; infertility and perinatal issues.